Kilimanjaro FAQs

1What is the best time of year to climb Mountain Kilimanjaro?
Answer: Although you can climb Kilimanjaro at any time, it is generally believed that the best months to climb are July through October. It tends to be drier during these months in Tanzania. It is advised to try to avoid climbing during Tanzania's rainy season of March through late June.
2What is the best route to climb?
Answer: Depending on someone wishes Marangu route is the only trail currently having huts accommodation named Mandara, Horombo and Kibo Hut. We also recommend the camping routes of Machame, Lemosho and Shira to experience the rhythm of wind on the tents. The western camping routes are more scenic than the eastern routes and usually have better weather.
3How should I physically prepare for my climb?
Answer: Kilimanjaro is considered by many to be the easiest high mountain to climb. However, the altitude of 5,895 meters (19,340 feet) is still extremely high and proper preparation is essential. We advice our climbers to check with their doctors to understand the causes and symptoms of altitude sickness before beginning the trek. Try to attend aerobic exercise at least twice or thrice a week for three weeks prior to your departure for Kilimanjaro trekking
4What are the signs of altitude sickness?
Answer: Almost everyone will experience some form of altitude sickness white hiking Kilimanjaro. Although the symptoms are easily treatable with rest and hydration, more serious symptoms can sometimes develop. Be very careful don't force especially when the Mountain guide ask you to stop when things goes worse.
5What happens if someone has to descend because of altitude sickness?
Answer: You will always hike with several guides/assistant guides. If someone is too sick to continue, they will descend with an assistant guide to the last campsite or hut you had spent last night.
6How much experience do the guides have climbing Kilimanjaro?
Answer: Our guides have many years of experience on Kilimanjaro. Again be sure to listen to your guide's advicewhite on the mountain and remember to go slowly don't rush the possibility of successful reaching to the top will be limited since the body will not have more chance to acclimatize.
7 How far do we hike each day?
Answer: On most days, you will hike about 10 km. Do it slowly with your pace after breakfast at 8:00 am to around 4:00 pm you will have been reaching the camping or hut place with a lot of rest and photographic talking along the way.
8What kind of gear do I need?
Answer: A detailed packing list will be furnished once reservations are confirmed but also you can check on our website link of some of the gear one can thinking of having click here.