Kilimanjaro Trek Preparation

It doesn't matter if it is a picnic or a long journey preparation is a crucial step. Any travel to Africa, especially for the attempt of the Mount Kilimanjaro, demands physical, and mental preparation as well as some practical advice for a successful start and finish.

The climb isn't technical and doesn't require any mountaineering experience but it is a considerable physical challenge at altitude and under an unrelenting sun with a wide range of climatic factors to manage. Cardio Vascular fitness is challenged so make sure to train properly with packs on your back, walking as much as possible up and down hills at home, working on your leg muscles and swimming for overall fitness. Most people cannot prepare for altitude but people who are fit and active are able to convert oxygen to energy more efficiently, and their muscles will of course be less tired. Age is only a factor to consider if fitness and activity is included in the equation; active fit elderly people who take their time are quite capable of summitting the mountain, as much as unfit young people struggle to summit.

Kilimanjaro trip preparation is also about practical tips which include getting to Moshi, deciding on your hotel and ensuring you can get a visa. Make sure you have dollars because this currency is widely used, and that you change some money into small denominational local money on arrival for shopping and tips.

One day acclimatization during the climb especially the Kilimanjaro is strongly recommended. Provided that you will do a lot of exercise prior the climb it is very important to consult your doctor before travel. Mountain sicknesses is something that arises with time or abruptly please tell your guide about how you feel and will recommend to go on or back to the camp or hut, don't force since it might put you in a dangerous situation. We also recommend obtaining your private insurance for luggage and health.

The food which we provide at the Mountain is tasty and palatable which contain more of protein and enough drinking bottle water. While in the high altitude the body normally develops a tendency of losing appetite. It's important to eat sufficient quantities even if not feeling particularly hungry as stamina fatigues quickly during the climb, especially at higher altitudes.

The first step towards a pleasant climb is to ensure that one has a comfortable pair of hiking boots that have been broken in far in advance to the trip. Your Kilimanjaro packing list should include such equipment such as trekking poles and gaiters can make both ascending and descending notably less strenuous. Other essentials include warm gloves with glove liners,camera, suitable clothing, a kit bag and rucksack, toiletries, sunscreen and good quality sunglasses.

Passport and Entry Requirements

A valid passport is required and can be obtained from governmental agencies or a consulate in your own country. The passport expiring no less than six months after your return to the country is required. Provided that there are countries Tanzania has sign visa abolition please check with your embassies and high commissioner located to you countries or contact ministry of home affairs Tanzania Dar es Salaam before departure. An alternative is done by obtain visa to Tanzania in all entry points such as airports and borders with the present of valid passport as stipulated above.


U.S. cash or traveler's cheques can be changed into local currency (Tanzania shillings) easily by local bureau de change and banks. It is important to remember exchange your money back to U.S. dollars or any of your country's currency when you depart since it's forbidden to leave with Tanzania currency.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are only accepted by the major airline companies and the larger hotels and lodges. Tanzania as any of developing countries doesn't rely much on settle bills by credit card most of places accept cash. As an individual having a credit card in Tanzania can help you withdraw cash in any nearest bank ATM machine. It also suggested that you take sufficient funds in traveler's cheques and/or cash.